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Here you can find the peace and quiet to concentrate, have creative ideas and relax
If you need to get away from the stresses of the office or company, our inspiring meeting location will give you the ultimate ‘us’ feeling. Escape the everyday hustle and bustle and find time to map out strategic plans, organise a seminar, give a training course or just slow down with your team.
We would love to share our beautiful location with you. The attractively furnished meeting facilities provide the necessary peace and quiet for creative ideas and new energy.


    Our strong points:

  • You will always have a private space
  • We discuss and tailor everything to suit your needs
  • Catering with homemade regional products
  • The area outdoors is extremely suitable for a refreshing walk during training sessions and a picnic can also be provided
  • There is a friendly and inspiring atmosphere
  • The estate’s natural surroundings, footpaths and fields are great for relaxation, teambuilding games and field training

One-day meetings and meeting rooms

We have a suitable function room for every kind of gathering. Choose from:

The informal Appelloods (Apple shed) for mid-sized groups (55 m2)
  • max. 15 people in conference table seating
  • max. 20 people in circular seating (without tables)
  • max. 30 people in theatre seating
    The Domainezaal (Domain Hall) for larger groups (100 m2)
  • max. 35 people in conference table seating
  • max. 40 people in circular seating (without tables)
  • max. 80 people in theatre seating

  • Meetings in Het Grote Huis (The Big House):
  • max. 8 people in conference table seating
  • max. 10 people in circular seating (without tables)
Open opstelling
  • open seating
Vergadertafel opstelling
  • conference seating
U-vorm opstelling
  • horseshoe seating
Theater opstelling
  • theatre seating

Would you like to stay the night? Gatherings + overnight stay

If you would like to stay the night after your meeting, workshop or training course, we have space for groups of up to 34 people.

See our accommodation list for all the options. We have space for a total of 34 people divided over various types of accommodation. Please contact us for more information. If you would only like to book single rooms, we have space for a maximum of 17 people.

This is available in the Vlaamsche Schuur (Flemish Barn) (6 people) or the Koetshuis (Coach house) (max. 4 people); 10 of these bedrooms have their own bathroom.  Or opt for the classic Grote Huis (Big House) which has space for 5 people (35 m2). You can, of course, combine different types of accommodation. All our function rooms for your meeting, teambuilding or brainstorm session have an informal and homely feel.

All types of accommodation have a spacious kitchen which is also suitable for cookery workshops. In the Vlaamsche Schuur living room there is an electric hearth and bar, there is also a room to relax in with a sauna, and a delightful sun terrace.

Are you coming with a larger group?
You can also book our Hiker’s cabins. Wake up to birdsong and enjoy the fresh air. You will feel reborn, we promise!