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Rest... in the Uutbloashuuske

(the ‘Little catch your breath house’)

Where can you still be trusted to pay for self-service tea, coffee and something tasty? Well, in the Uutbloashuuske* at Barendonk you can! Take a break here when and for however long you want. Groups are also welcome. Take a break...after a long bike ride or walk in the woods!
The Uutbloashuuske is a countryside place to rest with self-service. Here you can recover from your walk or bike ride in peace and quiet. Use the kettle for a good cup of tea, coffee or soup or take a chilled juice from the fridge. Visitors strolling along the gnome path can also rest here. You can use the toilet on the campsite.

Are you coming with a group?

Please inform us in advance if you are so that we can make sure there is extra tea, coffee, apple pie or soup and bread ready for you.

How to get there

Walk, drive or cycle up the Barendonk drive. Pass in front of the Big House, which you can’t miss, cross the moat and you will see the Uutbloashuuske under the trees.


  • Tea or coffee:
  • € 1,00 apiece
  • Soft drinks (bottle or can):
  • € 1,00 apiece
  • Cup-a-Soup:
  • € 1,00 apiece
  • Slice of Apple pie:
  • € 2,50 apiece
  • Chips:
  • € 1,00 apiece
  • Cake:
  • € 1,00 apiece
  • Biscuit or Candy:
  • € 0,50 apiece
  • Chocolate:
  • € 0,50 apiece

If you don’t have the right change and the reception is open, you can change your money there.

* The Uutbloashuuske is the successor to the FFPauze rest place. The Relou family closed this rest place near Mill in 2015. The Barendonk took over this lovely initiative and turned it into a self-service concept.
Little catch your breath house