Landgoed de Barendonk

Five centuries of De Barendonk

In 1996, Liesbeth and Jan Hermanussen-Thijssen turned De Barendonk into a recreational destination. The 50-hectare estate has belonged to the Thijssen family since 1842, when Adrianus Thijssen bought the stately home and the surrounding lands.

From the Middle Ages

If we go further back in time, we can find the first mention of the estate in 1484, although we do not know what the house looked like at that time.

Noble house

The house is built on a mound so the inhabitants could keep their feet dry when the River Maas was unable to drain the rising waters fast enough. The Land van Cuijk area was often liable to flooding in those days. The house was rebuilt most recently in 1796, following the destruction caused by French soldiers. Around 1850, the famous geographer Van der Aa described the farmhouse as, “a noble house in the Land van Cuijk, quarter of an hour’s journey southwest of Beers and three quarters of an hour northeast of Mill.”

A landscape entity

The Barendonk forms a so-called ‘landscape entity’ together with the Hiersenhof, Ossenbroek and Tongelaar estates. These scenic landscape elements are characteristic for the Land van Cuijk area. Between the estates you will find woods, water meadows, orchards and ‘kolks’, pools which were formed when the dikes burst or the Maas flooded. The Land van Cuijk area has one of the most historic landscapes in the Netherlands.

Farming activity

Landgoed de Barendonk has traditionally had an agricultural background: after WW2 it was a fruit farm with dairy cows and arable crops. In the 70s the fruit was entirely replaced by dairy cows, and they remain the primary source of income for the Barendonk today.

Over the years, the farm has expanded to become an innovative dairy farm where the cows are kept in modern loose-housing. You can even see the cows grazing from the big house!

Unique place to stay

The combination of a dairy farm and a recreational destination gives Landgoed de Berendonk its special feel and Liesbeth and Jan hope to inspire you to experience country life too. At Landgoed de Barendonk you will be able to completely relax and discover the hidden cultural and historical wealth of the Land van Cuijk area.

Backdrop for a celebratory outdoor play

In 2012, the Thijssen family celebrated its 170-year ownership of the estate. That summer it became the backdrop for a spectacular outdoor play when 170 years of history was brought to life! It was a beautifully atmospheric and successful anniversary celebration for which we are still indebted to all the participants, volunteers and sponsors.