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Great walking and cycle routes in the area

Walking routes


The Barendonk Cow Path (Koeienpad)

Informative walk around the farm: for ages 8 to 88 years
Report to reception, download the app and go on an expedition around the farm! A paper version is also available.


The Barendonk Gnome Path (Kabouterpad)

A wonderful and informative route for children aged between 1 and 10 years
Visit the gnomes in their own little village on your way past. You can borrow the gnome path book from the reception where you can also find the pointed gnomey hats. If you would like to take a book home as a souvenir, you can buy a new copy for €2.50 after your walk. The proceeds go to the children in the Mother Teresa children’s homes in Malawi and Calcutta (India).

The children can follow the gnome path route themselves between dawn and dusk. There is no gnome village between November and March. The reception door is open.

GPS route

GPS route: find the Barendonk treasure

An exploratory trip across our estate, ages 10 and above
Book the GPS in advance at reception. You will then receive a description of the trip. Price: €10 per group.

There are 6 walking routes which start and finish at Landgoed de Barendonk. You can borrow the route descriptions from the information area.

  • Barendonkroute 1: about 4 km via the Ossenbroek and Hiersenhof estates and back to the Barendonk.
  • Barendonkroute 2: about 4 km via the Barendonk Holsteins dairy farm and Ossenbroek estate and back to the Barendonk.
  • Barendonkroute 3: route 1 with an extra loop along the Hulsdonk nature trail. Tip: go for a cup of coffee in Beers.
  • The 'Vluchtroute' (Escape route) walking and experience route: a 3 km route via the Ossenbroek estate, past the Hiersenhof chapel and then via the Nieuwenhof back to the Barendonk.
  • From Landgoed de Barendonk to Tongelaar Estate and back  (8 km). An 8 km route. You can take a break inside Kasteel Tongelaar on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Walking network

The Land van Cuijk area has a well-structured walking network system. Buy a map from reception for €4.50 and you’re off!

Landgoed de Barendonk is on routes 56 and 17. The Barendonk has set up a so-called ‘Uutblaoshuuske’ to meet the needs of both walkers and cyclists. Here walkers can ‘uutbloazen’ (dialect for ‘to catch your breath’) or shelter during bad weather. You can also buy tea, coffee, soft drinks or something tasty on a self-service basis.


Cycle routes

Plot your own route with the cycle route map. The Barendonk has also plotted a number of routes which you can borrow from reception. In addition, you can find routes starting at the Barendonk on route.nl

    Some examples:
  • The Nachtegaal (Nightingale) route: A 40 km route via Beers, Gassel, Grave, Tongelaar Castle and back to the Barendonk.
  • The Boomklever (Nuthatch) route: A 25 km route taking in Cuijk and Beers.
  • The Appelvink (Hawfinch) route: A 35 km route through De Vilt nature reserve, Oeffelt, Sint Agatha and back.
  • A beautiful day trip to Grave: Combine it with a sightseeing walk around this undiscovered fortified town.
  • A day trip to Nijmegen: A lovely and challenging bike trip. Tip: if your legs give out and you’re running late you can take the train back to Cuijk
The routes are mostly linked to the cycle network system, but we have added a few of our own ideas. The route descriptions also provide extra information on the area.

Ons Plattelandsrondje
Ons Plattelandsrondje (Our Countryside Route)
Tip: for more cycle routes in the Land van Cuijk area see the ‘onsplattelandsrondje.nl’ website below. ‘Ons Plattelandsrondje’ is an event that takes place on the 3rd Sunday in May each year. The routes can be used all year round. However, please take the differing opening times of the tourist stopping points into account.

For more information see: www.onsplattelandsrondje.nl

Cycle routes