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Celebrating and gatherings

Celebrate the crown year, jubilee or any other special occasion. You can celebrate a party in many different ways. At Landgoed de Barendonk you know for sure that we really want to make something special for you. The interpretation of the festive moment depends entirely on your own wishes, the occasion and the number of guests. We have different options, from room hire for one of the two halls to a fully catered party. We offer customization; please call or email us to discuss the possibilities.

Please note; because our estate is situated in a quiet area, is the end time of a party 22.00. Hard music is also not desirable here.


On our estate we also organize original family and company outings. Think of a Tour de Barendonk, a farmers' camp, or record a song in the haystack with music workshop. And end your BarendonkBreake with a Barendonk picnic, Burgundian buffet or a barbecue.
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